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4 Advantages Of Using A Local Jewellers

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When it comes to buying valuable items that will often also be an emotional investment, such as jewellery, your customer experience can have a big impact on how you feel about it. Here are some advantages of choosing to shop at a local independent store, whether online or at an in-person site.


Expert knowledge and personalised service

A family run business means that the staff will have a high level of expertise about the products they are selling, which isn’t always the case at the leading high street chains. They will be able to offer you friendly guidance as you browse the selection, without any pressure to purchase.


Carefully selected collection

Local jewellers often feature work by local designers, that has been made in the region, giving you access to unique pieces, and helping to the local economy at the same time. You will find that a high-end store will also stock brands that can be found on Bond Street.


After care services

Smaller independent jewellers offer other services, such as repairs and cleaning, or remodelling. This can be helpful, as all pieces of jewellery need some routine maintenance from time to time. The staff will be familiar with the item, and will be able to offer the best standard of care and repair work.


Great value

There is a common misconception that independent jewellers are more expensive than bigger brand stores, but this is often not the case. The big names have higher overheads and marketing campaigns to cover, and this is reflected in their prices. You will generally find that a local store matches, or is less expensive than, the high street.

A local store will think carefully about the quality of each and every item that it stocks, because it is more important to them that each customer is 100% happy with their purchase.


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