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5 Summer Jewellery Trends To Elevate Your Look

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Summer brings a wave of relentless heat and humidity, but it also ushers in a season of newer fashions bursting with colour and fun. With each year and each new season, new trends dominate the catwalk and fashionista social media, as the designs of the major fashion houses make their way from the runways to the high streets, and this year is no different.

Add to that the increased freedom we have as the lockdown measures are gradually lifted, and many of us will be eager to get dressed to the nines to re-engage with our social lives again. While many of the trends are hair and clothing based, accessories will have new trends too, and from pearls to neon, we have a look at the jewellery styles to take note of this summer.



Fun charm bracelets were great when you were a kid, and if you’ve still got them in a box tucked away, now is the time to get them out again, as charms are making a big comeback.

Add multiple fun little charms to a delicate gold chain and layer it with a chunkier choker piece around your neck. You could also take the traditional route and wear your charms around your wrist linked on a bracelet. You can add uniqueness to any look by going for quirky and fun charms that help you make a statement. 



If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and elegant look for the summer, then pearls will be your best friend. Never really out of style, pearls can be seen on the catwalks of all the major shows, as well as on prominent celebrities.

Wear them as a traditional single-strand pearl necklace, or go big and layer up multiple bracelets loaded with pearls on your wrist. For a fun element, add them to hair accessories to elevate a boring hairdo.


Large dazzling earrings

There are endless sheer glittery possibilities with earrings, and everyone loves large dazzling earrings, and the latest trend does not disappoint.

Opt for gorgeous crystal chandelier earrings, or giant glittery hoops whatever shape you desire, and with earrings as playful as these, you might not even need any other accessories to make a bold and fun statement.


Beaded jewellery 

Regular Instagram users over the past few months will have already taken note of this trend. It has been fully embraced by Gen Z, repurposing the late-90s/early-2000s trend.

It’s ideal for anyone who has wanted to indulge in some DIY jewellery, easily made at home with some good quality beads. There are near-infinite possibilities, and there is a raft of tutorials on YouTube on how to create beaded chokers, rings and more.


Neon enamel 

Bright and bold, neon enamel jewellery is the perfect accessory for your next beach hangout or lunch with friends. The neon colours will ensure you grab attention wherever you go and when it comes to statement pieces, it does not get bolder than this!


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