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A Guide To Buying Jewellery As Christmas Presents

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Buying jewellery for a loved one at Christmas has the potential to strike fear in the hearts of many a romantic, especially men, but it can be easier than you think. Many people get it wrong by visiting a jewellery store without being prepared and ultimately panic-buying something that their partner would never wear.

Maybe they buy something too fancy that won’t be worn often, or choose an item that is simply not their partner’s style. We have a look at how to prepare and where to find help so you can choose a gift that will help your partner sparkle throughout the festive season.

Use Your Eyes

The first thing to do is to pay attention to what your partner already wears. There’s little point in splashing out on a beautiful necklace if they never really wear necklaces. Similarly, if they only ever wear silver, then gold is not a good idea. 

Look closely at their favourite jewellery to get an idea of style, decoration, stones, and precious metals to get a good starting point when looking for the perfect gift.

Diamonds Are Forever

There is no one who does not like diamonds. They’re a neutral colour and sparkly, and most people will appreciate a nice diamond as they can pair with almost any outfit.

Playing It Safe

Another way to play it safe is to buy items that are guaranteed to fit, go with everything and no one could have a serious objection to it. Like diamonds, simple, elegant items are very hard to object to. This is particularly so if they’re meaningful in some way such as containing a stone or gem which is important to them or featuring images or letters which are significant.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

It might feel risky, and you could tip off your partner to what they could be receiving, but it is better to ask them what they would like than guessing and getting it horribly wrong!

Buying jewellery for your loved one isn’t something to fear. If they wear jewellery already, you will always have a good starting point. If they don’t wear jewellery then it’s probably not a great gift idea! 

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