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All You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Lab-grown diamonds seem to be everywhere at the moment. But how do they compare to more traditional mined diamonds?

According to the trends report for 2022 by jeweller Taylor & Hart, sustainable and lab-grown diamond sales have gone through the roof in 2021, reports Professional Jeweller, and they are set to increase in popularity in 2022. So, lets take a closer look.


How are lab-grown diamonds made?

Laboratory grown diamonds are the same as traditionally mined diamonds, except for the fact that they are not mined. To grow diamonds above ground, you have to mimic the conditions underground, which ensures that lab-grown diamonds are 100 per cent real diamonds.

There are two methods used to create diamonds, HPHT and CVD, which both involve using heat, pressure or gasses to carbon or diamond seeds to create diamonds. Even better is that this can be achieved using renewable energy, meaning that lab-grown diamonds are truly sustainable.

Some labs can even grab excess carbon from the air and convert it into a diamond, meaning that the diamond has a negative carbon footprint!


Are lab-grown diamonds real?

It is a common misconception that lab-grown diamonds are not real. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds.


Are lab-grown diamonds worth it?

It is down to the consumer, but if its a sustainable, cost-effective option, then lab-grown diamonds are the solution. They are visually, physically, and chemically the same as mined diamonds, but less harmful to the environment as well as the communities affected by mined diamonds.


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