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Deciding Which Diamond Shape Is Right For You

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Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or are trying to choose the perfect gift for someone special, deciding on the size and shape of your diamond is an important part of the process. 

There are many different cuts of stone and each one brings out something different in the diamond, as well as providing a totally unique look and feel to the ring itself.

Differently cut stones have specific appearances and features. Some may appear to sparkle more due to their shape, whereas other shapes showcase the brilliance of the stone and can even alter the appearance of the hand they are worn on. 

Round cut stones are among the most popular, with the rounded shape including multiple cut sides that allow the stone to twinkle like no other. This makes them a popular choice for engagement rings, as it showcases the beauty of a diamond and makes a sparkly statement. 

Similarly, princess cut diamonds are also cut to showcase the brilliance of the stone. They are squared instead of rounded, but still have multiple sides cut specifically to help reflect light and give you that wonderful, eye-catching sparkle.

Emerald cut diamonds are an elegant and sophisticated shape. Usually a larger cut, they look fantastic as a statement stone allowing you to show the simple beauty of a diamond. They can also elongate the finger and give the illusion of long, slender hands. 

Oval cut stones also help to elongate the fingers, while maintaining all the luxury and shine of a round cut stone. The oval shape also gives a vintage feel to the ring and is a unique but timeless cut. 

Pear cut stones are also a unique and beautiful choice. While a very beautiful shape, they are less popular than other cuts, making them a gorgeous choice for those wanting something a bit different. 

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