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Diamond Found Inside Diamond

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If ever a reminder was needed of how inspirational and wonderful diamonds can be, a remarkable story from Russia has produced a stunning reminder.

Diamond miners in Russia have made the extraordinary discovery of a diamond trapped inside another diamond, an incredible find that has been labelled the ‘Matryoshka Diamond’ after the famous Matryoshka dolls, in which a succession of ever smaller figures are placed inside larger ones.

Found by experts at the Yakutsk Diamond Trade Enterprise, it is now undergoing expert study at the ALROSA Research and Development Geological Enterprise. It is believed to be 800 million years old, but it is the unique nature of the gems that is attracting interest, with nobody able to put a price on such an incredible specimen.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Oleg Kovalchuk, the deputy director for Innovations at ALROSA, said: “As far as we know, there were no such diamonds in the history of global diamond mining yet. This is really a unique creation of nature.”

There is an air cavity between the two diamonds, which Mr Kovalchuk said was very unusual as it is normal for any such cavity to be filled with another mineral.

Of course, Jewellers in Buckinghamshire won’t be able to offer anything quite like the Matryoshka Diamond. But we can offer a wide array of beautiful and inspiring diamond rings, each of them of high quality and great beauty. 

With lots of choice, the absence of any diamonds within a diamond will not be a problem as there will still be something you are sure to love, all made locally with the highest levels of skill.

The Russian discovery may be unique, but it is certainly not the only unusual diamond find of recent weeks.

In Botswana, mining firm Lucara recently discovered one of the largest fancy pink diamonds on record, at 62.7 carats.