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How To Care For A Luxury Watch

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A luxury watch may boast military-grade toughness and a water resistance far deeper than you ever plan to go diving, but their precious metals, delicate movements and steep prices mean that they need looking after to ensure they look their best.

Investing in a luxury watch is not that different from investing in a luxury car. They both have complex mechanisms that need regular servicing and a shiny exterior that needs to be kept clean, and they both need to be insured for peace of mind.

We have a look at four steps to caring for your luxury watch to ensure that it keeps accurate time and looks its best for years or generations to come.


  1. Insurance

Why fork over thousands of pounds on the watch of your dreams only for you to drop it, catch it on a wall, or have it stolen.

As with all insurance, the price you pay for cover will depend on the model and value of the watch. However, cover can start from £5 a month, so not quite the same as car insurance costs.


  1. Winding

Your watch will typically come with the manufacturer’s instructions for how to wind up your watch. The golden rule is not to damage your watch by over-winding it. Modern watches will have a slipping clutch to prevent this from happening, but you should treat older watches with care when winding.


  1. Cleaning

Luxury watches can be touch, by daily wear leaves can leave the general grime and sweat of daily life on the watch. Use a glass cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth to carefully clean every surface. A jeweller’s cloth, available cheaply online, can buff the metal to a high shine.


  1. Servicing

Getting your watch serviced by the manufacturer can be very expensive. Rolex recommends a service every ten years and prices start from around £500 to £700. However, it is not a requirement to have the watch serviced by the maker, so it can be worth shopping around to find a better deal.


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