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How To Choose An Eternity Band

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Eternity rings are usually given to mark an important milestone in the marriage, such as an anniversary, or the birth of your first child, but really you can give the special piece of jewellery to your partner whenever you want. The hardest thing to decide is what style of eternity band to go for. 

Eternity bands come in a variety of shapes and styles, all as beautiful as each other. The best way to start thinking about which to go for, therefore, is to consider what would look best with the wedding and engagement rings. 

Eternity bands are typically a row of small diamonds, but you could get another gemstone if you want to add some colour. If the engagement ring has a prominent stone in the middle, it is likely your eternity band will need smaller settings, so they do not bang against each other. 

Even with a band of gems, it is a good idea to try the rings together so you know whether there will be a clash of styles, or they will feel uncomfortable together. If the setting of the stones is too high, for example, the gems might knock against your engagement ring. 

It is also important to think about whether you want a full or half eternity band, with the former having stones all the way round and the latter only having gems at the front of the ring. While it is nice to have more sparkle, it is easier to resize half eternity rings if they need to be altered in the future. Some people also find it difficult to get used to feeling gemstones on the inside of their finger. 

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