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How To Get The Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams

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If your relationship is professing towards permanent commitment, you might have started doing some research into the kind of engagement ring you want, if you don’t already have the perfect piece in mind. However, the tricky part is communicating to your partner what it is that you want.

Maybe your partner wants it to be a surprise, or perhaps you do not want to be presumptuous by mentioning a ring to your partner. Letting them know just what it is you wasn’t can be a delicate proposition, and no one wants to receive a ring they really do not like!

However, keep in mind that in any relationship, a ring is just a ring, and even if you do not get exactly the style or design you want, your relationship is not defined by the size or style of jewellery on your hand.

Let’s look at a few hints that you can drop to your partner about the engagement ring of your dreams.


Comment On Others

One of the simplest ways to innocently state your preferences is to comment on others. If you have a friend who has recently become engaged and is showing off their ring, then this is your chance to engage your partner with your opinion on someone else’s ring, such as the size and style and how it differs from a ring you’d prefer.


Window Shopping

Every shopping centre and high street in the country will have a jeweller's shop, and the next time you and your partner are taking a trip out to do errands, shopping, or grabbing coffee, take a few minutes to stop by one of the jewellery stores for a spot of window shopping. Point out some pieces that you like, commenting on the features and details that appeal to you.


Shop Together

Sometimes it’s important to remember that no one can read minds, and the simplest way to let your partner know what it is you want is to simply tell them, which is solid advice for most aspects of a relationship! Let your partner know that there’s no pressure to take action, but should they go ring shopping in the future, they know what you like.


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