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Jubilee Jewellery and A Celebration of The Future

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We all have our sentimental side. For hundreds of years, jewellery has been an outlet for human expression. Our love lives and their milestones are represented with elegance by an engagement ring or eternity band. Jewellers in Buckinghamshire provide such memories, and in this jubilee year, the jewels of Buckingham Palace are also in the spotlight.

The summer opening of state rooms of the Queen's official residence begins this month. As part of this year's celebrations, an exhibition entitled Platinum Jubilee: The Queen's Accession is included as part of the visit package.

Bracelets, tiaras and brooches will be featured alongside photographs of times her majesty wore them on official occasions. These pictures, and the diamonds and pearls worn in them, make up a fascinating piece of British history.

“The images are really important and instantly recognisable,” said Caroline de Guitaut, exhibition curator, “because they were used on banknotes, and coinage and form the basis of the Queen's image on postage stamps – therefore reproduced millions of times across the UK and abroad”.

Imagine the way all the rings, bracelets, necklaces, lockets and earrings we buy for our special someone in this jubilee year will be celebrated in 70 years' time. They may not garner a royal exhibition, true, but the memories and joy they'll bring to whoever wears them will resonate.

In many ways, jewellery has often been described as priceless. Personal memories and historically important occasions have indeed seen certain pieces of jewellery become legendary. Thankfully there are places which can put a reasonable and affordable price on high-end jewellery for all kinds of special occasions today.

Think ahead to your platinum jubilee. Anything is possible! Find the right jewellery for your lifetime of memories with your special someone to come.