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Replica Of Queen’s Brooch Goes On Display

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The Queen’s jewellery always provoked plenty of interest and comment, from the Crown Jewels worn in ceremonial state events to her earrings and brooches worn on other occasions, but that might be even more so in the case of an item put on public display just weeks after her passing.

A replica of a diamond brooch made for the late monarch for the occasion of her platinum jubilee earlier this year has gone on display at Goldsmith’s Fair in London, an annual event running from September 27th to October 9th.

Designed by Goldsmiths, it is a replica of the actual brooch the Queen wore for the celebrations to mark the 70th year of her accession to the throne.  Among its features is the flower of each of the nations of the UK - the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock, plus a lily of the valley, which was in her coronation bouquet.

In addition, the item has seven bands of diamonds representing each decade of her reign, the longest by a British monarch.

While such an opulent brooch is clearly going to be beyond the means of most people’s budgets, it may provide inspiration to some to contact our jewellers in Buckingamshire and have something similar made for a loved one, for example a brooch featuring their favourite flowers.

The Queen’s brooch was chosen by her from a list of 18 designs submitted by leading British jewellers and was made from 18 carat white gold, platinum, 97 round cut diamonds and seven fancy cut diamonds. 

While the queue to see the brooch may not be on the scale of the one to pay respects to her majesty as she lay in state, it will certainly attract some interest from this with an interest in jewellery, either professionally or because they would like to seek inspiration before commissioning something for a loved one.