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The Perfect Rings For Post-lockdown Weddings

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Some men may have been delaying popping the question due to uncertainty over when they might be able to have a wedding with a decent number of people at it. However, all that may be about to change.

The government’s announcement this week of its roadmap out of lockdown has given some clear potential dates for opening up the country, with weddings being a notable feature of all the stages of the plan.

At present, weddings can only happen in extreme circumstances, such as when one partner is terminally ill, but from March 29th they can take place with up to six people in attendance.

For those wanting things to be a little less intimate, the number of permitted attendees is scheduled to rise further, subject to the vital data on vaccinations, infections and hospitalisations continuing to head in the right direction.

Provided this is the case, 15 will be able to attend from April 12th, and 30 from May 17th. If all does go to plan, all remaining restrictions will be lifted on June 21st, meaning there will be no limits to how many people can go to a wedding.

That may delight those keen on having a big wedding, such as people with large families or those who could not bear to leave a lot of people off the invite list.

Once the date is set, the next thing to do will be to visit the finest jewellers in Marlow to get the ring.

Among our finest wedding bands are the Castile and Full Set Wedding Band and the Thread and Grain Set Full Wedding Band. These contain beautiful diamonds set in stunning silver, offering classy, durable rings that are fit to adorn the ring of any bride.

If big weddings can resume in the summer, it will be a huge time of joy for all concerned, from those able to spend their special day with all they want to invite to the guests who will not have to miss out.

What better than to top it all with the finest of wedding rings to glisten before the assembled throng?