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Tips To Keep Your Jewellery In Sparkling Condition

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A collection of beautiful jewellery is a joyous thing, but it can be a challenge to store neatly, and in a manner that preserves the quality of the items. Having to give up on a much-loved piece that has been damaged or tarnished beyond repair is always a wrench, and it can be avoided. Here are some tips to take good care of your jewellery, so that it lasts a lifetime.


Tips to organise jewellery

If you have more than a few pieces of jewellery, you will probably find that you don’t have room for stacks of purpose-made jewellery boxes to store it all in, however attractive they look. If this is the case, then pick your most valuable pieces to store in one or two boxes.

The rest can be kept in a clean, dust-free location that is away from high humidity, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Small moisture-wicking silica bags, such as you often find with a new pair of shoes or handbag, are ideal to keep pieces protected from outside contaminants.

Be very careful about storing pieces closely together. Diamonds are very hard and will scratch other items, for example, while gold is a soft metal which scratches easily.


How to take care of jewellery

Always put on your jewellery as the very final part of your dressing routine, to avoid it becoming contaminated with hairsprays, perfumes, lotions and so on. After each wear, wipe down the item with a soft lint-free cloth, to prevent a build up of oils, skin particles, and moisture.

After every few wears, soak the jewellery in warm water with a small amount of mild soap, and gently pat dry. If a particular piece has become tarnished and needs some extra attention, then you can arrange to have it professionally cleaned.


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