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Top Jewellery Trends To Look Out For This Year

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The fashion world at large has gone bolder in 2022 and the world of fashionable FOPE jewellery is no exception to this.

Whilst there will always be a place for subtle, small and meaningful pieces, with many people choosing to go all-out this year, large, ostentatious and exceptionally expressive pieces have taken over in a way we have not seen for many years.

Here are some top trends to watch out for this year.


Statement Earrings

After over a decade of stud earrings being a standard part of many an outfit, people are starting to experiment with dramatic statement pieces and bending traditional conventions and rules for what you can and cannot wear.

From the return of large crystal-drop earrings to giant hoops and bold designs, the only rule is that they need to draw attention.


Floral Motifs

The language of flower motifs has a long and complex history, but with such an underlying focus on rebirth, new beginnings and personal expression, floral designs have taken on new and even greater heights.

Naturally, many of these looks are paired with equally bold summer fashion, although the traditional rules of emphasising symmetry, harmony and a balanced look with nature-themed designs has very much been cast aside.


Gemstone Combinations

Traditionally, most jewellery pieces tended to stick to one dominant stone, perhaps paired with diamonds to emphasise its lustre.

In a year of brightness, expression and breaking all of the rules however, many pieces, especially chokers, rings and huge bracelets, are embracing combinations of emeralds, sapphires and rubies to go along with diamonds and even coloured crystals to add a slightly earthy look.

Whilst you can get individual pieces for this, never underestimate the power of layering to transform a look and add a spectrum of bold colours to your look.