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Top Tips For Choosing Jewellery As A Gift

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With the most wonderful time of the year on everybody’s mind, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right gift for that very special someone in your life.

With so many beautiful ranges from Shaun Leane jewellery to a huge range of other brands and designers, it can sometimes be intimidating for those not familiar with what to look for.

Here are some top tips for choosing the perfect jewellery gift.

  1. Know What They Like

Whilst the thought always counts when it comes to any gift, ultimately you want to give them a gift they are likely to actually use. The best way to do this is to take note of what they usually wear and factor that in.

When buying earrings, what materials do they wear? Do you know if they have any intolerances? Do they prefer studs, loops or rather more elaborate costume pieces?

Generally, unless you know they like it, try to stick to pieces of jewellery you have actually seen them wear, and avoid beaded necklaces, elaborate hoop earrings and other daring pieces unless you know they’ll wear them.

  1. Watch What They Wear

If you have not been keeping note of the actual pieces they like to wear, a good way to tell what kind of jewellery they like is based on what clothes they wear.

Typically, if they wear clothing with simple lines, patterns, shapes and forms they often appreciate the beauty of simplistic minimalist jewellery, whilst if they wear something rather more ostentatious then it is worth investing in a statement piece.

If they have a favourite colour of clothes they wear when out and about then choose colours that either match or complement it. Take colour theory into account when in doubt.

  1. Consider Their Birth Month

Each month has one or several birthstones that are associated with it, such as sapphires for September, diamonds in April and rubies in July. When in doubt choose a stone that matches their birthday.