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Top Tips For Cleaning Earrings

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The right pair of earrings can do so much to elevate an outfit and frame a face. However, because they not only go on but into your ear, they must be kept clean and healthy.

Besides the possibility of infection, jewellery can become dull and discoloured, losing its impact and dulling its immaculate shine.

Thankfully, with some patience, care and a gentle touch, you can get your beautiful earrings to look like new, whether they are tiny studs, classic gold hoops or elaborate costume statements.


Know Your Stones

Typically, a soft polishing cloth, suitable for polishing glass as well as a tiny amount of non-antibacterial soap and warm water is perfect for cleaning your earrings. Bathe them in the water for a brief time and wipe them down using the polishing cloth.

Different stones need different treatments, however, as some types of natural gemstone are more prone to absorbing dirt and water, due to being more porous.

Most stones can be cleaned with a soft, damp polishing cloth, whilst stones such as emerald, turquoise and pearl should be cleaned with a dry soft cloth.


Deep Clean Every Month

In an ideal world, you would clean your earrings every day before you wear them, but with daily pieces that may not be realistic. Instead, gently polish them every few days and give them a deeper clean every few weeks.


Store Separately

Store each earring separately from the other. Most jewellery boxes are designed to allow this. As well as this, if you have a lot of humidity, place a packet of silica gel or other desiccant crystals to stop them from tarnishing.

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