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Top Tips For Elevating Your Style Using Jewellery

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From the dawn of fine costuming, jewels and fashion have gone hand in hand, and one of the biggest ways to accentuate your style is ironically one of the smallest.

One of our oldest and proudest traditions, jewellery actually predates homo sapiens, with some pieces found that have been aged between 40,000 and 115,000 years old. Between then and now there have been so many different ways to add jewellery to styles and fashions.

It adds unique accents, personality and class to any look, and by choosing your pieces wisely you can create some incredible fashions. Here are some of our top tips.


Embrace Your Personality

Jewellery more than any other part of your outfit has a particular meaning and expresses a part of your personality in a rather subtle way. If you are wearing mostly black then a shimmering pastel gem or set of gems in gold, silver or rose gold bracelet will go a very long way.


No Need To Choose

The beauty of jewellery is that you can’t have too much of a good thing. You can layer necklaces, pendants and chokers together, wear many different rings on your fingers and have links of bangles if you so desire.


Metal Mixup

Mixing your gemstones is one way to make an impression but an eye-catching combination of metal shades can really make you stand out.

Pair a silver or steel bracelet with rose gold and pastel gems for some really unique styles.


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