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Unlocking Means Our Doors Will Open

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News that the next stage of reopening from the national lockdown is now taking place (from April 12th) is good news in many ways, not least those who want to find a jewellers in Marlow.

The new rules will mean all manner of places can open up, from zoos to swimming pools, outdoor hospitality to hairdressers. But most significantly of all, non-essential retail will be open, which means jewellery shops can welcome people in once more.

Of course, our website offers a great opportunity to explore our range of gifts for every purpose, from engagement and wedding rings to personal treats, including virtual appointments.

However, the fact that it will now be possible to come through the doors, either as part of a wider return to the shops or as a specific visit, means you can now have a closer look at the fine products we have to offer.

This also provides an opportunity for you to experience our in-store service and connect with a jeweller with deep roots in the area and many years in the trade.

Opening up from lockdown provides plenty of good reasons for purchasing jewellery. There will be more opportunities to meet people in person, rather than being on the other side of a laptop screen. That means what you wear will matter a lot more.

This is going to be particularly true when it comes to social events. It is not just going to be about ‘rule of six’ gatherings going forward; provided the ongoing process of vaccinations and falling cases continues to enable the opening up to take place, there will be larger weddings, greater chances to have evenings out in hospitality venues, and even the ending of all restrictions.

So as shop doors open and the hope of a return to something like normal life nears, now could be the perfect time to come and see what we have to offer.