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What Is The Slow Jewellery Movement?

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During a year where many fashionistas are reevaluating their relationship with their rapidly changing wardrobes, many people are doing the same by opting for elegant, carefully chosen Fope jewellery pieces rather than quickly designed, disposable pieces.

Inspired by the pushback against the fast fashion industry, many independent jewellery designers have been taking part in the “slow jewellery” movement, which emphasises quality, sustainability, a connection between the designer and customer, fair working conditions and honesty in production.

This sits in contrast with so-called “fast jewellery” which is quickly mass-produced with lower quality materials sometimes acquired from ethically dubious sources.

Whilst the ethical aspect of slow jewellery takes centre stage, other aspects make slow jewellery a truly unique approach to developing beautiful pieces.

It often features a single jeweller throughout the whole process who designs and hand-forges a beautiful work of art from recycled stones and metals with a result that can last several lifetimes, rather than fall apart after a few seasons.

Whilst this is not necessarily a requirement, but often modern engineering aids such as computer-aided drafting and design (CADD), pre-made parts and casing are rejected in favour of more traditional methods used before the industrial revolution in jewellery.

In practice, much like slow fashion and to a degree slow food, it follows the three-step approach proposed by famed designer Vivienne Westwood: “buy less, choose well, make it last.”

Slow jewellery advocates buy a single piece that lasts years rather than several cheaper pieces in a year, choose ethical, high-quality designers and take care of them so that their children and grandchildren can enjoy them long after they have gone.