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When Should You Get Your Automatic Watch Serviced?

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Not all watches are created equal, and how often you need to get your luxury watch serviced is dependant on many things, such as how often it is worn, and where, in the gym, for example, and if it’s ever been dropped or damaged.

If you’ve invested in a new or pre-owned luxury watch, then you will want to look after your investment. Over time, the oils in a watch will dry up, which causes friction in the moving parts inside. For example, it will make the crown stiffer to turn than it once was. A watch will need a service if it gets to this point before the machined parts grind against each other and wear down.

To keep your luxury watch in tip-top shape, then it’s advised to get a regular service every four to five years. If your investment is to sell at a later date, then you should keep a record of the regular servicing to help the watch maintain its value.

If you find your watch is losing time, or it somehow gets damaged, then you should also get it serviced.

However, there are some ways to help keep your watch in the best condition between services.

Clean it regularly with a simple solution of soap and water. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush around your watch, not forgetting to clean around the crystal and the watch case, especially the back, where grime can build up.

A diving watch or any watch with a water resistance rating over 50 metres can be left to soak in warm soapy water for an hour or two before washing off with clean, warm water.

Metal bracelets can also be cleaned using this same method, but certain types of straps, such as leather, can be damaged this way, so always be mindful. Regular cleaning will make sure the dirt and oils from your skin will not get inside your watch, causing rust or corrosion of the parts.

Wearing your mechanical watch regularly will also help maintain it, as it keeps all the parts and gears inside lubricated. If you don’t wear your watch for a while, you should give it a shake and wear it for a day or two each month.

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