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Solo Bracelet in 18kt White Gold


Georg Jensen Silver Reflect Small Ear Hoop


Dew Drop

Dew Drop

Thread and Grain Set Full Wedding Band

Diamond Set Wedding Bands

Diamond Tennis Bracelet


White Gold Castille Diamond Hoops


Ariel Engagement Ring


Shop a choice of Engagement rings from Peter Ungar jewellers, Marlow or get a bespoke jewellery design hand crafted

Engagement Rings

Eternity rings handmade in Marlow, crafted from a choice of Gold, Diamonds and platinum

Eternity Rings

Fope Eka Tiny Necklace with Pavé Diamond Rondel in white gold

Fope Eka Collection

The acclaimed Eka collection by FOPE, aptly named after the Sanskrit word for "one," presents a groundbreaking approach to gold bracelets. Inspired by one of FOPE's pioneering inventions from the 1950s, this collection ingeniously incorporates flexibility into jewellery, seamlessly merging luxury and innovation. By reimagining the timeless gold mesh design in an ultra-contemporary style, the Flex'it concept has swiftly become a resounding global triumph.
Fope Jewellery can be found at Peter Ungar Jewellery, a Marlow Jewellers

Fope Jewellery

Fope traces its roots back to 1929 when Umberto Cazzola founded his inaugural goldsmith's workshop. His pioneering spirit and innovative vision were passed down to his son, Odino, as they specialized in crafting watchstraps from precious metals, becoming esteemed suppliers to Switzerland's leading watchmaking brands. With the addition of the third generation to the family business, Fope channeled its wealth of expertise into creating its own groundbreaking gold jewellery collections.
The introduction of the Novecento mesh marked a significant milestone, as Fope skillfully shaped it into various mesmerising designs. This signature style quickly garnered acclaim across Italy and soon gained international recognition. With the involvement of the fourth generation, Fope solidified its position in the global jewellery market, emerging as a symbol of elegance and exceptional quality synonymous with the renowned Made in Italy tradition. Throughout the years, Fope's legacy of innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless designs has made a lasting impression on the jewellery industry worldwide.
Fope MiaLuce Ring with Diamonds

Fope MiaLuce Collection

The MiaLuce jewellery collection stands as FOPE's crowning achievement to date. Each piece is crafted with an exceptional combination of Flex'it technology and meticulous craftsmanship, showcasing a harmonious blend of superior quality and distinctive design. The outcome is nothing short of FOPE's distinctive interpretation of contemporary luxury—an embodiment of unparalleled Italian style and the joy of wearing comfortable yet exquisite jewels.

The MiaLuce suite encompasses three-strand Flex'it bracelets, lariats (with a single collier variant), rings, and earrings, all lavishly adorned with resplendent rows of diamonds. True to its name, which translates to "my light," this collection is specifically curated for the discerning, sophisticated woman who adorns herself with elegant jewellery on special occasions. It embodies the essence of refined femininity and exudes an aura of grace and confidence.

Fope Prima Necklace with Diamond Rondel

Fope Prima Collection

Introducing Prima, the slender and graceful member of FOPE Jewellery's renowned Flex'it family. This exquisite collection exudes finesse and weightlessness.
Beneath the delicate mesh chain lie dozens of intricate 18 carat gold springs, infusing the bracelets and rings with a remarkable smoothness and flexibility. The comprehensive set also encompasses earrings and necklaces, available in various styles such as tassels, long strands, or standard lengths. Each jewel possesses an individual allure, yet truly dazzles when stacked or layered with other magnificent creations from FOPE Jewellery.
Prima captures the essence of refined elegance, offering a perfect balance of understated beauty and versatility. With its meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design, this collection exemplifies the artistry and innovation that FOPE Jewellery is renowned for.
Fope Solo Necklace with Multiple Diamond Rondels

Fope Solo Collection

FOPE Jewellery's Solo collection introduces a fresh, modern perspective to the beloved Unica range, which was the brand's best-selling collection in the Nineties. This new rendition showcases a flexible gold mesh bracelet with slightly smaller proportions compared to the thicker chains that were popular during that era. The collection also offers an array of captivating variations, featuring gold loops, pearls, and diamonds of various carats.
Completing the ensemble, the Solo collection presents a matching set of chokers, chain and tassel necklaces, earrings, and rings. With its contemporary twist and a range of exquisite additions, the Solo collection reimagines and revitalizes the timeless elegance of the Unica range.
Fope Vendôme Earrings with Diamond Pavé

Fope Vendôme Collection

The Vendôme collection by FOPE Jewelry presents a captivating interpretation of the round shapes found in the Novecento chain, showcasing an alluring oval chain design. This Fope Jewellery collection infuses a touch of geometry into the elegant curves, resulting in a seamless blend of smoothness, elegance, and comfort. The bracelets and select ring versions within the collection exhibit a remarkable flexibility, allowing the jewellery to gracefully conform to the wearer's movements. With its unique approach to design and craftsmanship, the Vendôme collection offers a harmonious balance between sophistication and wearability.

For Him

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Jewellery Curve Collection to be found at Peter Ungar, Marlow Jewellers

Georg Jensen Curve

Regitze Overgaard, for Georg Jensen Jewellery skillfully merges Scandinavian design and impeccable craftsmanship in her Curve collection. These captivating pieces, crafted from sterling silver and 18 carat yellow gold, feature bold and sculptural bangles, earrings, pendants, and rings. Each item encapsulates the beauty of a flawless arc, showcasing the seamless union of artistry and elegance.
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